Host and connect with your co-workers around the world

  • Co-Founder, Brand, Product Design, Frontend
  • Since 2016
  • Figma, React, Apollo

Together with team of current and previous Google employees, I co-founded a platform that helps Googlers host and connect with their co-workers when they’re on business or leisure trips.

In 2019, We decided to completely rebuild the platform. I took charge of the brand, design, and frontend development. The design process was very much focused on making it as easy as possible to build and relaunch the web application.


A new, friendly face for localhost.

The Platform

Using the learnings from our extensive MVP, I was able to design a platform focused on what’s needed most, free from any distractions.

Refining the frontend

Analyzing the behaviors of our users over the course of two years, I was able to confidently design the next version of localhost, aiming to improve both the experience of listing and booking apartments.

Building a system

Using Storybook for React, I built a living style guide including not only colors and brand information, but also the documentation of components that are used throughout the application.