Least Authority

New website for the
privacy–focused startup Least Authority

  • Design & Development
  • Q1 2017
  • Static Site, LektorCMS

Late 2016 I was asked to design and develop a website for the Zcash Open Source Miner Challenge, which was operated by Least Authority. After the launch, I helped Least Authority redesign their own website, taking care of both development and design.

Least Authority is building an affordable, ethical, usable, and lasting data storage solution. Their focus lies heavy on open source software, transparency and end-to-end cryptography. They offer a verifiably secure off-site backup system for individuals and businesses.

Visual Exploration

As the branding already existed, I only made small tweaks to the visual appearance of the company. After researching about Least Authority and its products, I decided to go with DIN Next Pro as a typeface. A strong red was used as the accent color, together with several shades of grey.

Landing Page

Featuring an animated terminal to demo their product.


To explain their service better, I designed an infographic highlighting security features of Least Authority's S4.


Comparing Least Authority's products.


The website was coded on top of the static content management system Lektor, to provide a familiar Python API for Least Authority’s developers. It is fully customizable through an admin panel, changes are pushed continuously through their GitHub repository.