DSK Companion

Helping athletes to cope with injuries

  • Service Design, Visual Design, Design Sprint
  • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
  • Summer 2017

In the spring semester 2017 at FH Potsdam, I teamed up with Kevin, Isabell and Caspar to work on a project during a class supervised by Marian Gunkel (SAP). The class focused on Lean Startups, Design Sprints and User Testing.

We asked ourselves how we can support amateur and professional athletes during uncertain times of injury and recovery. Together, we came up with DSK Companion — a service design concept for insurance companies.

Persona & Scenario

We created a persona as one of our first steps in our Google Design Sprint process: Max, a 23 year old amateur soccer player, who suffered a ligament rupture during a game. He has to undergo surgery and rehabilitation. We documented his journey in a user story.

Value Proposition Canvas

After that, we moved on to create a Value Proposition Canvas consisting of “Jobs”, “Pains” and “Gains” of our persona. We then took a vote to see which aspects are most important to us.


Going forward from the Value Proposition Canvas, we were able to ask “How might we...” questions and generate ideas/solutions for those questions.

We took a vote again and settled on the use of a digital timeline to help athlethes visualize their healing progress.


We created the initial wireframes together on a whiteboard, then moved on to Figma.

Prototyping & User Testing

With the digital wireframes on our hands we were able to build a click dummy and hand it to potential users.

We got the feedback that the timeline was a little confusing and so we added additional affordances to the main screen of our app and got rid of some elements that added unneccesary complexity.


Once we were happy with our prototype, we worked out the screendesign of the DSK companion for iOS 11.

Timeline, highlighting appointments, exercises and more.
Calendar items, allowing doctors to ask for tasks to be completed by the patient.
A custom knowledge base for the patient.
Chat with doctors, making it easy to request appointments or prescriptions.


To showcase the screendesign and its animations, we created a prototype using After Effects.