Digital Menu

Creating a digital experience for restaurants

  • UX Design, HCI, User Testing
  • Summer 2015

In the summer of 2015, together with Edmundo Galindo, I worked on a digital menu for a fictional burger restaurant. The project was envisioned during the class “Human-Computer Interaction Design”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann.

At the beginning of the semester, we were asked come up with an exciting project or problem that we could tackle throughout the next months. After agreeing on the topic of digital menus for restaurants, we asked questions, identified problems and developed a solution by using the methods of Human-Centered Design.

We started out creating personas and user stories to figure out requirements of the application.

Paper Prototyping

We created a paper prototype that helped us testing our concepts with potential customers.

Using high quality imagery and an elegant, dark interface, we tried making the user excited for their meal.
Using the digital medium, we were able to supply the users with more information if they require it (especially interesting for allergy sufferers).
Going full circle: We also took a look at how people can use the tablet to pay the bill and split it upon request.