Share your design work,

  • Design & Development
  • Q2 2017
  • React, Next.js, Node.js

Around Easter 2017 I decided to work on a simple webapp called Delivery to help designers share their work in progress.

I wanted to create a hassle–free solution, which is reduced to the bare minimum of features and requires neither sign-up nor a credit card.


Type in your company/client, upload and describe your screens, then share with colleagues. Simple.


I created Delivery mainly to sharpen my React & MobX skills. Building a simple, yet full webapp from the first line of code to deployment in a matter of roughly 3 days was a great experience.

I drew inspiration from makers like Pieter Levels and their no-nonsense approach to launching new products & experiments early and often.


The project is built on top of my personal boilerplate, featuring React, MobX, Next.js and MongoDB. I am hosting the images on AWS, and run the backend on a Linode server.

The full source code is available on GitHub.